Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An excellent bible study book...

Found this book a few days ago through an acquaintance.  I was surprised to find out that I actually know the author and respect her take on Jesus.  This is a quick short study book on 31 Questions Jesus Asked

The author is Risa Baker.

I would recommend it for small bible groups, home groups, or a bible study that you personally would like to complete in 30-40 days.  The book is not very long and is an easy read for those who just want to learn a little bit more about their walk with God.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Used Textbooks...where can I find them?

With public schools getting back into the swing of things I have been getting several questions about used textbooks vs. new textbooks. Most of the questions fall into one of these categories:

1. Should I buy used textbooks?
2. What are the advantages of buying new textbooks?
3. Information about textbooks is very limited...where can I get the information I need?
4. School districts only buy new textbooks...is there something I don't know?

1. Should I buy used textbooks?
The simple answer is YES...if you can find them. Used textbooks will save you a lot of money and there are a couple of places that I will mention at the end of this article that take extra care to clean and grade their textbooks for K-12 students. This includes recovering them (copyright law allows them to put a new cover on the book by duplicating the front cover only).
2. What are the advantages of buying new textbooks?
Simply put there are none for homeschoolers. Schools get large quantities of "free" materials to incent them buy textbooks. The cost of these materials are spread out over all of the textbooks that they sell creating a "textbook tax" that is passed on to homeschoolers and parents purchasing single copies of textbooks. They even go so far as to have a "representative" or someone at the school cut the corners off of textbooks or drill holes through the covers in an attempt to keep them out of the "used textbook" market.
3. Where can I get information about textbooks?
Use publisher websites, school board textbook adoption lists, and individual state boards of education to map state education requirements to textbooks' "Tables of contents".
4. School districts only buy new textbooks...is there something I don't know?
Schools DO NOT purchase only new textbooks. There is a little known secret...there is a group of 3 textbook companies that serve ONLY the K-12 textbook market. They are ranked from #1 - #3 below.
1. AcademicBookServices.com
2. BookCircus.com
3. eCampus.com

Academic Book Services has the largest selection of used textbooks in the K-12 market. They put new covers on a large majority of their books and I have found that they have the most stringent "cleaning" requirements out of all of the used textbook companies currently serving the K-12 market. They are located in a little north Georgia town called Cartersville. You will receive small town Southern hospitality and incredible customer service. I always look there first.

BookCircus.com sells both college used textbooks and K-12 used textbooks. They are located outside of Little Rock, Arkansas and are a pleasure to deal with. Their textbook quality is not quite as good as Academic Book Service's and once in a while you will find a curse word written in a book. This is ALWAYS my second stop.

eCampus.com is a throw back to the dot com days. It is one of the few companies that actually survived. Their site is very very good but they have many suppliers that provide their books. You will find everything from sweatshirts to general books on their site. This is a one stop shop but their K-12 selection does NOT go quite as deep as the first two and their prices are a little higher. They have moved into the private K-12 bookstore market within the last couple of years and are a rising star...this is my third choice.

...if you can't find your books there then obviously look for them at Amazon. All three of the above mentioned stores sell on Amazon as well but you may pay a little more.

Good luck saving money on your used textbooks this school year.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New math website

We apologize for the inconvenience...we are currently putting together a new shell for the our math website K12math.com We found that we could not publish math worksheets, teaching materials and helpful tips fast enough with the old website. For now you can find the old material at the old math website. We hope to provide a better free math community for parents, teachers, and students...
The volunteers at btrware.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Measurement, Area, Length teaching notes posted...

Free math printable about measurement, area, and length posted on K12math.com

You may download from here

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Teaching basics of math equations

Free notes for teaching the basics of math equations for teachers,
homeschoolers, and math tutors.
Link below:

Free Addition Printables...

3 new free addition printables for 1st grade math posted here.
First Grade Printables

From k12math.com - "Keep math free..."